July 13, 2017

Mental Health Care

My team developed the Mental Health Treatment Care Model (MHCM) to guide primary care providers in conducting basic mental health in primary care settings. Because upwards of 90% of primary care mental health problems present with physical symptoms, we have focused on this population in developing the MHCM, at the same time incorporating the standard psychological symptoms of mental disorders. The MHCM integrates material from the Interviewing and Personal Awareness tabs.

Textbook: SMITH RC, D’MELLO D, OSBORN G, FREILICH L, DWAMENA FC, LAIRD-FICK H: Essentials of Psychiatry in Primary Care: Behavioral Health in the Medical Setting, McGraw-Hill; 2019

I. Overview of Mental Health Problem and Need for Teaching

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II. Diagnosis and Classification of Medically Unexplained Symptoms

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III. The Mental Health Care Model

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IV. Controlled Trials Demonstrating the MHCM is Evidence-Based

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V. Teaching the MHCM

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VI. Research in Patients with Mental Health Problems

A Train-the-Trainer Method in the MHCM is Effective and Provides a Dissemination Model
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Coding Method for the Mental Health Care Model
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A Qualitative Profile of Medically Unexplained Symptom Patients
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Diagnosis of Medically Unexplained Symptoms
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High Rate of Mental Health Problems in Medical Settings
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Cost-effectiveness of Primary Care Providers Using the MHCM
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Costs for a Train-the-Trainer Program
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Screening for Opioid Misuse
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Minor Acute Illness
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VII. Team-Based Approaches

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VIII. Teaching Resources for the Mental Health Treatment Model