We Can Prevent Half or More of all Suicides

Medicine must decide it wants to prevent suicides. This post is slightly altered from one published earlier in Psychology Today. We are missing an easy way to prevent suicides. Half or more of all suicides are potentially preventable. First, here’s a summary of the problem that once again came to our attention with the unfortunate Read more about We Can Prevent Half or More of all Suicides[…]

Prescription Opioids Create A National Crisis

Every day there is something in the media on prescription opioids. For good reason, the problem is real—overdose deaths, selling them, and addiction. It all comes from the Vicodin, Oxycontin, and Fentanyl physicians prescribe. OxyContin tablets crushed into powder for insufflation (snorting). Notice the tablets at the top with the coating removed. By 51fifty at Read more about Prescription Opioids Create A National Crisis[…]

Has Medicine Lost its Mind?

  Your physician is not trained to treat your mental health problems. A slightly different version of this post was posted on Psychology Today on February 7, 2018 Since 1985, I’ve focused on patient-centered communication and mental health care in medical settings. That’s right—medical settings—not psychiatric settings. That’s because primary health care physicians are typically Read more about Has Medicine Lost its Mind?[…]